Monday, October 28, 2013

Do you get little people at your house at Halloween?

Halloween Cuties. Via D'Arcy Norman on Wikimedia Commons.

We usually don't. Our house is on a busy street, and there aren't many kids around either.

But we are prepared just in case, with some goodies.

True, we have "Trunk" events in the area, and also Halloween events where kids can go elsewhere and get candy, but to me Halloween isn't Halloween without having that kind of scary element of going door to door.

I used to go with my daughter... and when I was a kid we got those good popcorn balls and homemade fudge sometimes. Good stuff.

This is an interesting time of year. Weather reports show a "scary" weather front coming in for Halloween. We'll see.

Have a SCARY but good time on Halloween, everyone.


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