Monday, January 16, 2017

Thoughts this week. (post more... plus...) I am a grumpy person.

My main thought when writing this today is: Post more!!

Here are just a few things I realized this week.

#1. People are going to be grumpy sometimes, and even rude. It helps to remember that we ALL get grumpy and maybe even rude sometimes too. Is having this happen to you (someone else being that way to you) worth getting upset about?

No. Not really. But that sneaky grumpy voice inside me does want me to stay upset about this for at least a day, each time. I do try to forget about it. Keyword: TRY. Yes, it is a waste of time to dwell on that or on other bad things in the past. And it's in the past pretty quick.

#2. Things change. Even when you don't want them to. People you really like and even love CAN sometimes leave the area.

#3. Unfortunately, a certain new U.S. President WILL probably be there for awhile. Ack. I am not sure how long. But there is hope. Hopefully. We'll see what happens after the coronation (oops) inauguration. Because technically, any conflicts of interest don't start until it's official, the 20th of January and beyond.

#3. It is time to have a garden again, in a serious way. Who knows how much money I can save this way, when our Health Insurance goes way, way up? Maybe a few dollars!! It's time to get to work saving and making money, if things really do go South. Yes.

#4. Being political can have un-friending consequences on Facebook. Did you know that you can stop seeing somebody's posts and still stay friends with them? YOU CAN. Rather than unfriending them. Uh-oh. I'm getting grumpy about this again. Maybe I'm naturally that way! Ack.

But on the whole, things are looking up a bit for me this week. Why? Well, suffice it to say that certain tests went a good way, instead of the opposite way.

I hope you are doing well too, my awesome readers.

I have NOT decided whether or not to watch the Inauguration on the 20th. I probably won't decide until the day of.

Have an AWESOME week and month.


Onward and Upward!


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