Monday, February 13, 2017

Posting... Mon. Feb. 13. Logos, A Chiropractor, Defending our Sisters, Corel, Girl Scouts, Computer Club, more.

I am Busy, busy. As I know MANY of my blog readers are too.

I went (finally) to a Chiropractor last week. AND I feel better already. My inner ear crystals have moved around, but my daily Barrel Rolls are still helping. AND my knee is not as clicky. We'll see how it goes. I go back again next week.

Logos - I got a Windows computer last week donated to me. I will be able to make some logos hopefully using Corel, which has awesome art with its programs. Corel stopped making updates for Mac some time ago. Cross your fingers. I hope to try this out later.

Girl Scouts - I am still hoping to get some long sticks for a fun and active Girl Scout game to teach later on. Someone else will need to take over Songs and Games this Spring, but I will hopefully teach this in the Fall at another GS Weekend event as a Trainer.

I have posted some more books for sale, and hope to list some EXTRA cards (and more books) soon. Cards are so fun to collect. You can specialize in different card backs, animals, antiques (I don't have too many of those), birds, patterns, art, people, and lots more. It is fascinating. I will need to re-join my Card Group too.

New Business Cards - definitely on my list. I plan to do more Editing, Design Work, and more. Logos will be easier if I have my Corel back. I learned print styling artwork using this.

Much to do. I will share more soon here.


Onward and Upward!

Here is a neat and free design I found that goes along with some Take Action things I am sharing on my FB page.























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