Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Learning.... sometimes you have to be UNcomfortable for awhile!

How to Multi-Task without Really Trying

I recently accepted a President's job for our local Computer Club, the BGAMUG Computer Club.

Because the club was worth saving, in my eyes, and some other ones.

So what is BGAMUG? It used to be the Bowling Green Area Microcomputer User Group. So who uses the word "Microcomputer" anymore? Not many people, we didn't think. So last year, we changed the name.

Anyway, I got to practice my non-existant Parliamentary Procedure skills yesterday. I learned that as a President, I can't make a Proposal. I can vote on one, and I can come up with ideas, but as far as bringing it up for a vote, it's an Ix-Nay.

So I am learning. "Do I hear a Motion to...?.. etc." will be a phrase I will be remembering to write down and refer to. Some day it will be second nature. Today is not that day.

I am still full of questions. Did everyone feel comfortable enough to bring up questions? Did I cover everything? When will I be able to eat while doing a meeting at the same time? Perhaps never. But luckily, restaurants DO offer takeout containers.

It was exciting in a way. But I do hope other will step up to do more jobs there. Because it CAN be hard to talk and write at the same time. For now, I'm subbing for several jobs.

I wonder why groups are not as popular as in the past? I don't really know. Because being in a group can be really fun. You can meet new friends, learn new things...  Yes, it IS easier to just stay home sometimes. But (to me) that can get pretty old sometimes. Not so much in the wintertime, but it can get old.

I did say I'd do my best, NOT do things perfectly. There is not time for that.

I like the idea of doing some jobs, then having others do them the next year. This might work, if we can attract more membership. I may go to a popular club in the area (Sunny 16) to learn their secrets. :-)

Wish me luck.

Secretary, Program Director, President, Sgt. at Arms (helper), VP of Membership, more.



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