Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Advertising online, doing projects, have a GREAT New Year!

Trending.... in my world.

#1. Today I "advertise" the Outdoor Girl Scout Project (quickly, if possible) by posting in Facebook groups and elsewhere. A good posting helps people discover the site and page, and will get more members. Scouter? Former Scout? Boy or Girl Scout Leader? Girl Guider? Girl Scout supporter? We'd love to have YOU too.

Our website:

Our Facebook page:

OGSP on Twitter:

#2. I will get some clay ready to make some bowls (which I really need at home...) and some cups or figures.
Sold! One mini Fairy Door. About time, I say!
#3. As usual, I have much more to do during and after the holidays...
These things include organizing, boxing up, dusting, cleaning, filling out forms, and tons of other stuff. It boggles my mind how much.

But I CAN do it. At least, I tell myself that.

Projects, projects. I keep writing about them. And I am making progress.

Which is good.

Here is a toast to getting more done soon, too.



Onward and Upward!

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