Wednesday, January 13, 2016

One Day at a Time... always a great way to look at things. Amelia Peabody agrees...

More about being easier on myself.... and taking One Day at a Time...

I have a list of things to do this month. Normally, doing taxes are very high on that list, since doing these early is usually a good idea.

This month I have had non-essential (to me) things happen that have inserted OTHER things before this important duty.

I have been doing "MUST-DO" things instead of Should Do things. That gets me behind on everything. Not to complain (still, it is complaining, isn't it?)

Yes, other people sometimes need me to set aside things I want to do and concentrate on things they want to do. Simple as that.

So... I put aside the really important things and get the have-a-deadline, important-to-others things done first. So they can just be done and over with. Period.

Doing as much as I can each day on the REALLY important things on my list just has to be enough. I  tell myself that anyhow If I have made things better at least a little, that is a success for that day. My To-Do lists are way too long usually, but if I do some of the tasks, I have made things better.

Amelia Peabody, in The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog, says, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." (from Matthew 6:34). I think this quote goes right along with what I am trying to do right now, and most days. Because if something I don't like is going on, and I think about it every day, it can put a pall over the joy that each day can bring.

It also has something to do with what I think is important - - joy, happiness, and getting important things done are important to me.

So I am concentrating on what I am doing each day, instead of on the past or future.

I read a lot, too. I think that improves each day. I am reading this book right now.

(Here is my Associate link to it in case you want to check it out too or have not read it yet. Her other books in the series are also listed there). You can buy new OR used books at this site.

I sell there, and sometimes buy there too.

Anyway, there is a whole (fun) series about this fictional character. She does fun things like have adventures, and also discover fabulous treasures in Egypt). Amelia follows many of the 12-Step Program tips... before there WAS a 12-Step Program.

It is simply not worth worrying about something before it happens. Or ruminating a lot about the past. Or trying to do too much in one day. (Adding...)

This is one of those things I know, but sometimes don't live by.

Onward and Upward!


I have several books about 12 Step Programs. They help me, whether in a group or not. The One Day at a Time philosophy is woven into their books and mottos. If you have not looked into this great program, here is a link that may help from Wikipedia:

Some of the groups that use a 12-ste program are: AA, Alanon, OA, (Overeaters Anonymous) and many others.


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