Sunday, July 21, 2013

Five Popular Postings from the Moon and the Willow Tree - plus more.

Well, so much for stopping this blog or combining it with another one.

I just can't bring myself to do that (yet anyway).

I notice that the Moon is almost full. I will have to get outside and take a peek at it tonight. I will also move the Current Moon Phase chart up near the top of this blog. It is fun to look at.

My news: I am coming closer to being able to get the Outdoor Journey site online. I still need some permissions to get everything on there I want. I will keep you posted, awesome readers.

This is really big news for me, because it will help with the problem of Girl Scout camps closing, hopefully, plus point to a better way for Girl Scout troops to get back into the outdoors.

Our Founder, Juliette Low, was big on the outdoors. I believe camping fits right in to the current leadership focus, because it promotes self-reliance. (AND the current leadership focus too...)

I have some popular postings listed next to help me decide what to write about next. I can update the most popular pages for sure.

Here they are:

#1.  The Top 16 Online Sales and Auction Sites - Rated

#2. Civil War Dresses for Sale

#3. Do you make a lot of money with your blog? (more recent)

#4. Free Clipart Sites (for Projects, Etc.)


#5. The Wightman Chapel at Scaritt-Bennett (Nashville)


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