Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you make a LOT of money with your blog?

I don't. Well, that's true. BUT some people make really serious money with their blog.

This article (which I plan to read again!) tells about people who make over $1000.00 per month with their blogs. So what is the secret to their success?

Here is the article:

Bloggers Share Income - How Much Money do Bloggers Make?

I make a little money. But I would LOVE to make this amount. Back I go to read this one.

Actually, I have been thinking of things that would make my blog soar with new readership. I could:

1. Give away a trip to Hawaii.

2. Have a contest to win free cable for a year.

3. Post really awesome photos of puppies and kittens. Or videos.

4. Post every day.

5. Put ads on for Las Vegas or Gambling sites.

Well, food for thought. What are your ideas? Do you have some money making secrets for me?

Leave a comment, awesome reader.

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