Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting a new website ready... McDonald's Monopoly Game, the cat chooses her spots, more.

It always takes longer than I expect to get a website ready, even a semi-placeholder one.

My new website

The new website I am doing is the Outdoor Journey site. (Don't expect much here.... yet....)

I needed to point the site over to another web host, which I still don't have memorized. I guessed pretty well though.

I will be listing the website many places when it is finally done. Tonight it is running ads for Bravenet.

Hopefully it will transfer over tomorrow.

The cat

The cat has taken to lying down right in our path. Everywhere. I think she wants more attention. Or is just getting more tired all the time.

She is a good cat, and most patient. But she loves to be in the way. She answers us when we talk to her too. I like that in a cat. As some of my readers know, Boss Kitty chose us as her people one winter after (I think) her other people across the way moved.

Other news: I made another to-do list, which focuses me for the week. Now to keep it handy.

Eating at McDonald's
And we have almost won the new McDonald's Monopoly game! I don't have much hope of actually winning much, but we did get a free breakfast sandwich and several other game pieces. Not a car. Yet.

It's fun to play the game though. I'm sorry that the million dollars is on a Big Mac, which is not my favorite. I'm thinking of trying for this once and splitting the Big Mac in half, and maybe tossing one piece of bread out to save on carbs.

Tomorrow I check my Fairy Doors to see how they are doing.  Each one is different this time.

I hope all my wonderful readers have a great week.


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