Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week and Weekend Thoughts... Girl Scouts, My To-Do LIst, interesting postings, fun sites, events, etc. etc.

On to other things... right?
Jackson's Orchard has nice Snapdragons for sale.

It has been a fun weekend so far. I located some great tomato plants (Mr. Stripey!), peppers, and more at a local Farmer's Market.

My Things to Do list keeps growing, but exciting things keep happening too.

I found some great Girl Scout blogs and sites, located some good Care Package items, am helping to get a new Girl Scout volunteer group started,  am planning my garden, organizing, and finding many treasures.

My new online shop MIGHT be called Betsy's Treasures. Or maybe Betsyanne's treasures. I have way too many treasures of all kinds already, so I plan to share them with others.

I may keep a bare minimum, but not many. By treasures I mean little keepsakes, costume jewelry, books, magazines, and much more.

I will post here when I get my site and/or store ready.

And for you, my wonderful reader, here are some sites and articles I (and/or online friends) have recently discovered that you may also like.

The Girl Scouts Gab Facebook page

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Tea Bayou's Facebook page - - a fun place to eat in downtown BG, KY, New Orlean's Style

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