Friday, April 19, 2013

Updated: TV News about the Boston Marathon suspects and incidents - - a lot is happening today.

There are so many questions about the bombing suspects today...

1. Did they receive training here or overseas?

2. Are there others in their terrorist circle?

3. What will happen next?

I think the FBI and other law enforcement agencies did such a great job zeroing in on these suspects. There was a LOT of video footage to go through.

I will be watching to see what happens next. It is all so sad. I saw a photo of the little boy who was killed in Boston again yesterday.

I wish there could be peace in the world. Bombing innocent people can't be the way to call attention to a cause. In fact, this has done the opposite!

New: I just saw the taped interview from the suspect's Uncle - - he said that he does not think the attack would have had anything to do with religion. He was very surprised that his nephews were involved. He feels terrible about the incident, like we all do.

It just all boggles the mind.

As a Facebook friend said recently, we do need Gandhi right now. He believed in peace, always, and working for change using peaceful means. I admire Gandhi so much.


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