Saturday, September 01, 2012

Just saying hi - - it is raining here in Bowling Green, Kentucky

I knew the rain was coming, and it is finally here today. I'm very glad the grass is mowed!

This posting should be called, Projects in Bowling Green Kentucky, Getting organized for September 2012, throwing away clutter, labeling boxes, pricing and organizing boxes and books, book pricing, and looking for things you know you will never find. :-)

The little house and trees in the back yard - another project!

Today I got some things done, and cooked for the first time in awhile. I look forward to getting back to posting on all my blogs and sites again.

My jobs here today and continuing include pricing and organizing of books, clearing out of boxes, looking for long-lost paper items, and generally getting rid of much stuff that I don't use anymore.

I would love to have an attic or extra room! But this is working for now.

Here's a good size attic space, though it needs work. It is by Berr.e on Flickr.I lightened it up a tad...

The Flylady at the Flylady site has a saying, "You can't organize clutter." This is so true.

If I was a lot less cluttered right now in my house it would be SO much easier not to have to look through every packing box for something I didn't think I would ever need.

I plan to label all boxes with whatever is left so it will be easy to find the year and subject next time. So this is teaching me a good lesson. Be organized! And don't store clutter.

Wish me luck!

Are you organizing and/or looking for papers today or this week? Write a comment and let me know your methods.

And thanks for stopping by today!

Here is a photo of the Fountain Square Fountain - - it looks even better with the water going!


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