Friday, September 07, 2012

Are you on Pinterest yet? It's a fun place!

So... the question is... have you tried Pinterest out yet?
Bossy says Get on Pinterest today!!

Pinterest is a very fun site. It is free to join too. I have a Pinterest account and many Boards too. A Board is just a list of photos or pictures from sites that link to the original Pin, or interesting page.

You can start your own Pinterest boards. It is so easy.

Just go to Pinterest, register, then start Boards to "pin" interesting sites on. You can save recipes, animal links, fashion Pins, and much more.

Here is the Pinterest Link:


For an example (and you don't have to use the ones I made, only if you want to...) My Pinterest Boards are History and Genealogy, Farming stuff, Garden and Outside Stuff, My Betsyanne blogs and sites, Etsy Store Finds, Other People's Squidoo Lenses, Food and Cooking, Jewelry, Fashion, Travel Photos, Bucket List, Doors, Art and Crafting Ideas, Animals - All Kinds, Furniture, Houses, Rooms, and my favorite, My Betsyanne Pinterests of Interest, which includes everything that doesn't quite fit into the other Pinterest Boards.

All you do to share a Pinterest photo and link is to hit "share" and put the item into your own Board. Make sure you get the right Board picked for each Pinterest Share (one of the things I have messed up on before).
There's a galaxy of fun stuff to find on Pinterest!

A hint: go to the Popular Boards (click on the top button called "Popular") because then you will get more quality things to share.

You can Friend people with interesting choices of websites and photos here. People are sharing entire outfits, hairstyles, fashion clips, camping tips, recipes, and so much more here. It's a great place to find terrific websites.

Clear as mud? Email me if you have any questions.

And join my Boards on Pinterest too!

All for now,
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