Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A summer trip to Jackson's Orchard near Bowling Green Kentucky, in 2012

Was this day ever hot!

I just finished putting some photos on Facebook of this too. Jackson's Orchard is on a hill and has a great view. You drive up a really big hill to get there. They have lots of apple trees and now peaches too.

I took pictures of part of the inside of the shop (that looks like a barn) and also of the family house, and the parking lot.

If you live in the area, you will want to go to Jackson's Orchard to get peaches, apples, apple and peach pies, and many kinds of canned goods and preserves. It's a fun trip. OH - and don't forget the slushies. Mmmmmm.... so frosty and cold.

It was funny to remember coming here years ago in our old car... it barely made it up the hill. Now we didn't worry. It was a really fun trip.

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And here is Jackson's Orchard's website AND Facebook page. 
AND they have a Twitter page here and have three videos on YouTube too.


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