Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fairy Doors and Houses for the Yard - some photos and illustrations.

Fairy doors and houses

I love these. There are many examples and photos of Fairy doors and houses online. Check Etsy. I have been making a huge Fairy Door down at the Pots Place, which may or may not be too dry now to decorate more. It's ready for a first firing probably.

I have run into some neat illustrations of different ways to put a fairy door or house. Some include stepping stones and windows. Some include green plants and flowers too.

Here are some I found today.

The first photo is of a tiny pumpkin fairy house by Tiny Froglet:

Photo by Tiny Froglet

Next is a plastic hous. I love the colors, the door, and the postbox in this one!
Photo by Miguel Angel Pasalodos.

And here is a house for a gnome. It is called Gnome Reaching Home. The lamp is a neat touch.

Art by Garland Cannon.

It will be fun to get to work on the Fairy Garden when the weather is better. Right now it's all about organizing too.

Have plans for the 4th? We are in a "no burn" area because it is so dry. So DON'T try to do fireworks at home if you live here or in another dry area.

And be careful of the Fairy's homes too. :-)


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