Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Great Things Organizing Is Doing for Me

My Organizing Journey - - here are some fun things about it.

Everyone knows the downside of organizing (and cleaning!) - - the time, the effort, the packing, the getting rid of stuff, the dusting, the labeling, the foot and muscle soreness, etc. etc.

But there are some really great things about it too.

Here are some I thought of lately:

1. I am finding things I thought I lost!

2. I feel good about myself.

3. I am excited about projects for the future, finding crafts and etc. while organizing.

4. I am getting rid of dust and old magazines, plus recycling paper, magazines, books, and cardboard.

5. I am getting in better shape doing a lot of carrying and walking.

Are you organizing too? Or are you pretty much caught up with that? Do you do Spring Cleaning instead, and then stay on top of it?

I am definitely on an Organizing Journey because I tend to collect things that need to go, like magazines, old books, new books, etc. etc. Now I am sharing these things with others, donating to thrift stores, trading in for other books, and putting things where they go.

There are some groups I use now to get me motivated and to help me stay on course with my organizing. The best one is the FlyLady group. Although they do have some things for sale there, most of their services are free, like a free daily planning page, hints, and a message board.

Are you organizing too? Leave your thoughts about organizing and cleaning below. Do you have some handy tips?

And thanks for visiting today! :-)


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