Saturday, June 09, 2012

Jammin' at the Street Fair in Downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky

There's a band playing and lots of booths up...

I am down at the Pots Place right now for Second Saturday in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I will have some photos to post here later too.

I went to see Suzie and Holly's booth. They are to the right of the band, and are selling lots of different jewelry. Some is fine jewelry and some is costume jewelry that is SO cute. I got some for Christmas presents that I think people will really like. I was really happy about the prices too. The bracelets are only $5.00 and there are other things for as cheap as $3.00.

I haven't gone around to check out the other booths, but hopefully I can later on. Right now some carpenters are here to give a price on fixing the bathroom here downstairs. It DOES help to have a bathroom downstairs!

So hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I can hear the band right through the windows and door.

It's a perfect day for the Second Saturday Street Fair too. Many families are out and about and having fun. I see colorful balloons and people walking dogs around the Fountain Square park pathways too.

The handyman service (A Cout Above Handyman) just gave a quote on the bathroom here. Yay!

People are going around the square on a Horse and Carriage ride every so often. I love to watch the horses.

All in all, a good day.


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