Sunday, June 03, 2012

Kentucky has a really beautiful landscape - even from the side of the road.

The State of Kentucky is so beautiful.

Even while driving, you can see gorgeous vistas including corn crops, trees, rocks, clouds, and lots of green.

I took a few pictures today on the way back from a friends' 50th Wedding celebration. It was a mixture of a family reunion, 50th Wedding celebration, and a getting-to-know-you fun time.

These photos were taken on the way back home. My camera behaved for the most part. These pictures had to be lightened up some. I may try painting one of these scenes and seeing how it comes out.

Beautiful stones.

Field and flowers.

An old red barn.

Stones, flowers, and sky.

Almost home!

I think just looking out onto farmland and beautiful trees really was relaxing today. I think there should be a real push towards saving farmland and re-developing the cities instead of carving out new developments and making these vistas into more of the same-same houses and roads.


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