Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting ready for another Gallery Hop - and thoughts about the weekend 2012

Events this Weekend - - it's a busy one!

I just made another Pots Place Newsletter and sent it out.

Here is that link:
The Pots Place Newsletter #5.

If you live in the area, (Bowling Green, Kentucky) you can join this list here to get the newsletter:

Tomorrow is another Gallery Hop in Bowling Green Kentucky. I like these! I don't remember having one to attend when I was growing up, and I like this idea. Here is a picture of another Gallery Hop last year (below). I used these on my newsletter too.

Venues can show other artist's work, and all Galleries get to be in it (they join it for a fee).

I also like the World's Greatest Studio Tour too, but it's just once a year. The Gallery Hop has five different Hop evenings.

The Highland Games are this weekend too, in Glasgow, Kentucky at Barren River State Park. I hope to be able to go there some day. It looks like so much fun. They have games, food, concerts, and a lot more.

And here are some more websites to explore:

The official Gallery Hop website
The Highland Games site
The Pots Place website
The Pots Place on Facebook

My Personal Page and blog
The Nontrads site and blog
My Squidoo pages
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