Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Trip Back in Time to Park Mammoth

Was this ever fun today. 

We went up the hill to Park Mammoth Resort and saw that it was more popular than ever. People were coming to the restaurant from all over for the good buffet, and they had advertisements up for the popular shooting range there, and they were also advertising new houses people could build in a new section called Cedar Pointe.

We tried to find this area and may have come close today.

We drove around and found what might have been Cedar Pointe Campground, popular years ago. There were no signs there (yet), but there is a lot of room near the Resort that is all forest except one big meadow that may have been the campground, with hookups still there from the past.

Here is the main entrance to the Park Mammoth Hotel.

I took some photos of the Barn Room and hallways we used to use for ConCave before the event was moved to a hotel with more rooms. As Rickey reminded me, there is not enough room here now even if they wanted to hold the Concave event here now that the place has been improved.

This display tells about the popular shooting range.

We also saw some mounds and numbers of shooting areas that are used for shooting events.

There was an event there this weekend too, plus in-town guests there to have a nice brunch.

We saw a path where the small-gauge mini-train used to be before we started coming here.

Inside, the new Cave Valley Winery had a little store there, but it wasn't open.

Someone using the shooting range.

I would love to go back here to Park Mammoth another day and maybe even stay there again. Today was peaceful but hot. It didn't stop people from going to a History tent event though.

There was some nice art on the walls, which I liked to see too.

You can see the blue and white striped event tent from here.

Here is the link to the other photos I took today - just click here: Facebook photos.

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