Tuesday, December 06, 2011

An awesome Thanksgiving Oreo Cookie Turkey

A cute Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie
A large photo of the Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie.

As you can tell, I am (finally) getting my photos posted today, and it's been awhile. Really, this is part of my job, posting photos.

Why? People LIKE photos. They don't have to be perfect. A good photo brings people to see it. A bit of interesting color helps, and sometimes I have to crop them and bring the size down. But pictures are really fun to look at. I find myself liking a blog with photos. It's just too hard to try to read a blog without them sometimes, and with lots and lots of writing in it.

Here are more views of the Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie:

Anyway (back to the subject...) I found this AWESOME cookie as one of a pair at the recent Nashville Woman's Club Bazaar. (I have photos of this too on another posting). We also bought some wonderful bar cookies and a cake. But for pure originality, this cookie took the prize. We brought it over for my daughter's Thanksgiving dinner. I had to work quick, because the other matching turkey cookie was eaten up pretty quick.

I think you'll like this too. You can make one for next year if you want. As you can see, it is made from the ever-popular Oreo cookie, some extra white filling (as glue and decoration), some candy corn, and what looks to be a Reece's peanut butter cup. It is neat! And almost no cooking is involved. This is the first time I have seen this done.


PS Here is hoping you are having a GREAT week. :-) XOXOXOXOX I love my readers!!! 

PPS I used my Corel Draw 11 program to put these together. If I knew my Photoshop program better, I could have done it there in the same time. Corel is so fast, I use it instead.

PPSS Here is that link to the Woman's Club of Nashville Bazaar again if you have not seen it yet. We had such a good time there.


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