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Find Christmas and Holiday presents at many auction sites! Betsy's Big List of Auction, Buying and Selling Sites 2

Betsyanne's big list of Auction, Buying and Selling Sites 2

I first started listing auction sites a few years back. I collected some that sounded good, but I have some favorites that have been around awhile I trust the most.

Are you an internet buyer? A seller? I have been both, and definitely have my preferences on sites.

It is the time to buy last-minute presents... and you can still find some things MUCH cheaper on an online site. You can find Christmas presents, accessories, things for yourself, and unique gifts sometime for a very hefty discount. Many have used items you can buy or give as gifts too.

LIST 2 - Sites I know or have heard about. 
Important: a word to the wise: you need to personally check out these sites and sellers. I am sure some are better than others.

And as far as the sellers go, you need to check their recommendations and how long they have been selling too. Any seller or buyer (like any person) can be trustworthy or not. I like to think that most people are pretty honest.

If you are a seller, these sites below may be the next option for you if you want to expand your store to other sites.

These are Biggie Sites
It used to be that Ebay was the ONLY site out there to buy or sell from. But today many people are starting new auctions sites, trying to duplicate Ebay's success.

True, you will get more hits to your queries on stores or bigger sellers when you use Ebay today, but there are still great deals to be had there. Plus, you can still find things you want using the "search" button. I think it's a BUYER's MARKET right now, but I have still sold things now and then this year.

I will list the Biggie Sites here that have been around awhile and that I like the design of or how they work. Some I have not used. If you use one of the sites that is not as well-known, let me know how you like it as a comment below.

Amazon - The Amazon site has much more for sale than it used to have. I love to find used books here. I have a Seller's Account there too, and may put more books on there later. Here is that link. You can join for free, and can make Amazon Book Suggestions mini-sites to link to if you wish. I have tried this, but haven't advertised the pages much.

BlueJay - This site is free to use. I like the very nice, low-key design. I have tried this one, and it was easy to list and had a nice store look. I wished I could figure out how to add more pictures, though. You can post your items here free for 180 days at a time. I was a member here for awhile, but I didn't get as much traffic as I did on Ebay.

Craigslist - here I must say Buyer Beware.  But this site is definitely fun. And you can find deals here. With the local pickup option, always take the usual safety steps. Craigslist is even more popular now than ever. Register, find your local Craigslist, read the rules, and go to town.

Ebay - this site is still so fun. Try searching here for things that you need and definitely still save some money. I still have fun here. One of the big plusses of shopping here is that you can save certain auctions into your Watch List and then choose the best one you find later.

Ebid - this site is definitely worth another look. I like the professional design it has. Make sure to go to the correct location. The correct address for this is:

ECrater - This site is also know as The Moon. Some Ebay sellers have switched here.

Epier - this site is also becoming larger. They have store options for sellers and the site helps you make your own page. It's worth a visit.

Etsy - this wonderful site has great handmade items and more for sale. AND you can open your own shop here for free. If you have not been here yet, you need to check it out. See the newest designs across the country and get ideas for your own crafts too.

Goodwill Auctions - Goodwill stores sometimes take their most vintage, antique, or valuable items and put them on the Auction site now. I know of one person who got a good deal here. Expect to pay more because they often know what they are selling here. I went to check this one out a while back, and found some things I liked. They knew what they had (too bad) so the prices were good, fair, but not a steal. - This is a subsidiary of Ebay. They almost closed it a year or more ago, but got a lot of complaints about it, so they kept it. You can find (and sell) book deals here and lots more. Sometimes you find a bigger discount.

Main Street Mall - this is a private online seller site. You can get a store here. The owner of the site is a long-time internet seller who also gives free advice to people making web pages. I like him! If you can afford to pay a free per month, Main Street Mall is a nice option. They also run Our Hutch, another online store site based in Kansas.

Online Auction - I like the fact that the Online Auction site is a Rotary Member and a Better Business Bureau site.

Ruby Lane - I love this upscale selling site. You can find jewelry, collectibles, books, furniture, and all kinds of retro and antique things in this virtual Antique and Selling Mall online It's fun to browse through and "window shop" the listings.

Sotheby's - A premier art auction site. Look here for high-ticket items, such as old masters, new masters, antiques, and lots more.

Ubid - this is another popular online selling site that features auctions too

WeBidz - another Ebay alternative auction site that cross-lists on Froogle.

Try the link below for more sites, shipping supplies, online directories, other online Auction and buying sites, and online help for sellers and buyers.

The Betsyanne Big List of Auction Sites 2008

Have a favorite site you would like me to visit? Add it as a comment. And just leave a comment about anything related - - I love comments!!


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