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The Big List of Auction Sites

A-Z Online auction, trading, and commerce venues

plus some more buying and selling help sites

© 4-08, E. Sheppard, draft #1

It’s no longer just an Ebay world.

Right now, it's a Wild West of buying and selling sites today. Many are growing fast, such as Ioffer, Epier, which are just a few of the starred sites here.

Please add your own sites as you find them as a comment here. Thanks! — 30-,195 registered users. Busy site.


The Amazon selling site is a great site for selling
books, videos, tapebooks, games. If you sell games, Amazon will not let you
sell them around Christmas time, if you are not a big seller, and then they
will let you sell them after the holiday season (in January). They send emails
to let you know. This is a great site to sell books. Now they are opening up
their site for sellers of other items and electronics.

Auction Addict

Auction Cities (once Bidway?) — what happened to this one??

It doesn’t look like a real auction site

Auction USA — rated 13 out of 13 on auction ratings

Auction Fire
transfer your feedback. Basic service is free and includes image hosting. 2.5%
commission on auction sales, except charity sales. No listing fees. Ads to your website are OK. (guide site?) — new, co-started by an ex-Ebay member. Mentions other kinds of online traders. — rated 12 out of 13 on auction
ratings site.

Auctions Worldwide

Barter Bart (trading)


Best Bidding

Bid-A-Lot Auction site

Since 1993, looks nice

Bid Bunny

Bid City Auctions

Bidder’s Block

Bidders N Sellers

Bid Puppy


Bidville has been an Ebay rival since 2004. There is a commission, but no listing fees. The stores are cheaper than Ebay. Bidville’s banner says "More Secure." 500,000 members and growing", says the website forum. The main index page is colorful.


specializes in jewelry. Also has some fine art auctions on the site. This site is well advertised online and features photos of auctions on
the main page.

Bid-a lot

— given #6 rating out of 13 by rating website.

Bidder Network — not sure where this one is.

Bidder’s Edge

Bid For Assets — high value items website.

Bidwerx - Free to use, it is a small site.


Blackwell’s Live auction — this is a treat.

Click on the demonstration and see a Rolex watch auction. Auctions are in real time with real bidders and an auctioneer. In beta testing. An older gentleman started this site to compete with Ebay. "Old fashioned, but still the best." They will advertise your auction on the site before it begins.

Bid 4 Assets

Cars, real estate, more


— free listing, free signup. It has a very nice, low-key design. I have tried this one, and it was easy to list and had a nice store look. I wished I could figure out how to add more pictures, though. You can post your items here free for 180 days at a time.

Buy n Sell It

- toys, collectibles, and antiques. Wisconsin.

— rated #10 out of 13 by rating website. "Free listings,

classifieds, and trading."

Cheaper by the Day

Classic Car Mall


This is not an auction site, but you can list your things locally
for free here, and meet the person locally to complete your deals. You need to read and follow the rules, or your ad is taken off the site. Some people have run scams here and pretended to be somebody else, so be careful to always meet in a public, safe place and double-check your buyer/seller. Craigslist is a fun place to explore, though.

C Pageland

Dream Auctions

*****EBAY***** — the first and still most popular.
Ebay had 15,000 members as of 2005.

They have the most users of all the sites that I can see. Ebay has some sellers leaving or researching other venues lately because of their fee hikes and seller feedback changes.

I do think they have made some mistakes lately in their policy changes. They need be more open to listening to their users, both buyers and sellers.

February’s feedback changes: Ebay sellers may not leave bad feedback for buyers.

April’s ebook changes: Ebooks may not be sold as instant downloads on Ebay anymore, but must be sold only through paid ads.

On the good side, I still think Ebay is the best online Auction site. It has the best design, and is the most fun to use. You can find great deals here.

— be careful when you go here. The web address is NOT, which
looks like it is a paid links directory. The correct Ebid site address is:
It is a professional looking site. You can earn buddy points here. It has three
pay options, with no fees to list or sell. It has thousands of sellers. It also
looks like items get lots of hits.

Remember the address:

(and a huge thanks for the person who wrote me to fix this address.)

This auction venue has sites around the world. It looks like you can put only one photo per item though. I will research this more later.

**ECrater** ("The Moon")

This site offers a free web store builder and a free marketplace. It uses Google checkout, which is less expensive for sellers than Ebay’s Paypal. ECrater has more than a few ex-Ebayers on the site — or were going
to, according to Ebay’s message boards about four months ago.

Ecrater promotion ideas:

Excite Auctions

This company was bought by Ebay, I think, because you now go straight there to Ebay when you go there.


"alternative auction site" — 15 cents listing fee. I had heard of this one. Their web design could be better. No other fees.

Fleahaus — started in 2003 by "Suzi". This site used to be called It is free and only 1% is due to the site
you sell.

3 month listings.


This is another auction site. It has 204,500 members. This site
helps you make your own page. Stores are 19.95 per month or $99.00 per year plus 2.5% of actual sales. Feedback goes both ways. I think this auction
site definitely has potential.


This site features auctions for artists. It is stylish in design. I have heard good things about the site from other artists. I went to this site and saw some beautiful pieces of art for sale of all kinds.

Expo Live

Free Trades (trading)

Get It Sell It

**Goodwill Auctions**

Government Surplus Auctions

**** is a subsidiary of Ebay. You can make a free store there. Many sellers sell here who also sell on Ebay or on other sites.

It costs less to list here than having an Ebay store does. You can find deals

Half Moon Auctions

Icollector — this is also now an Ebay site.

Internet Auction Net -


People can buy, sell, or trade here. You can copy items and ratings from Ebay to transfer over. Watch the "Fee Pay Game" link on the home page. This site has a very professional look. When I checked it, the main page said 16+ million items, from 165 countries, and Sellers Online 7272 sellers currently logged in. Like Ebay, you can post free want ads.

Iron Planet

Equipment, more
(businesses only?)


Just Beads (?) may be a photo hosting site.



for businesses and larger sellers

Live Deal

Loud Frog

**Main Street Mall Online**

This site is run by a former Ebay seller, Mithrandir, who used to help people out on the site with an html page. A store here costs $30 per month,and you get unlimited listings plus free help.

This is a high end type site, with a very nice and knowledgable management couple. There are no final value fees.

Mom Pack Auctions

Motorhead Trader

No Fees Bay - this is a parked site right now.

***** (OLA)*****.

This site has free unlimited listings. They are offering specials to join including a FREE E-Store. They also are running a contest right now on YouTube. They are a Better Business Bureau member plus they also take Google Checkout. They also feature a Rotary seal on the main page. From their main page:

"Online auction source for online auctions on the Internet with Free Unlimited listings and No Final Value Fees for shopping, bidding, buying, and selling with our Quick true bid feature." The site had a banner on it that said "11,297,268 Current Items Listed ..."


…now has auctions, too. They have recently put more navigation areas on the main page to get to the auctions area. They also have an Auctions message board. They offer two organizations for sellers, Toasa and Buysafe.

I would like to try this site to see how well it works. I shouldn’t judge it just by its old commercial. (Overstock… shhhh!)

** "Our Hutch" stores (Kansas)** - a local site.

This site is run by the people who also run Main Street Online Auctions.

Oz Free Online

Patch Auctions

This site runs auctions just for collectible patches.

PB Auction

Pen Bid

Antique pens site

Phillips Art Auctions —This site was bought by Ebay and now takes you to the Art section of Ebay.

Plunder Here -
- connected to BidFind, BiddersnSellers, Webidz, USIFF
(You Sell IT For Free),, cross promotes with Google
and Froogle. Also shows site stats to let you know how many people are using the site. Some people online say this is an up-and-coming site.


Pottery Auction

Really Smart Deals


This is an upscale collectible site that has been online since 1998. This is not an auction site. I have been to this site, and found many beautiful stores. It is fun to look at all the antiques and nice designs and logos of stores. You can find items here you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s a feast for the eyes here. The prices are higher, but reflect the quality of the items.

See Auctions — 2 years old. Antiques, Collectibles, and Fine art.

**Sotheby’** — art auctions. Of course, this was an auction site for many years before going online.

The Free Auction site

The High Bidder

Home School Auctions


Lab equipment


An artist selling site.

Penny Bay. — this site is based in Vancouver, Washington

It features online auctions and classifieds.

Playle Vintage Postcards

The Property Room

This venue features police auctions and more.

Shotzie’s (for

The Great Trade Site Online


An Antique and collectible mall

Trader Soup



This site is rated highly by, and is celebrating
10 years online. This site also takes Google checkout, and has a BBB logo on
the main page. It is Verisign certified, too. They have an easy-to-find customer question area. This makes me think they really value their service and will get right back to you if you have a question. This site has a lot of electronics on it.


This site is for USA sellers only. I see a lot of question marks in-between the words on the site, so it could use a graphics re-do, but otherwise the site looks professional. It looks like the site was started in 2001. The mailing address is in Arizona. They offer a shipping rate calculator, as does Ebay. You can choose your favorites for a favorites page here.

Usiff Online Auctions

This site has free auction listings, and no final value fee.

It cross-submits to Google Base, Froogle, Bidhopper, Bidfind (?)

U.S. Land Sale site -

They link to an appraisal site here


V-Store Auction

Video Game Auctions

**Wagglepop** -
Since 2005.You can have three different kinds of stores. The least expensive
is $9.95 per month. This site seemed to be out of commission for awhile, but is now back.

WeBay? (said to be coming in August of 08) - I like the name of this one. It has not been posted yet.

- given #3 rating by rating website. "An Ebay Alternative Auction Site."
Free auctions, uses Google checkout. Cross-lists on Froogle. They also cross-promote auctions on Google base. It rates a 63,026 on Alexa, it has 16255 registered users. Help requests fill out a request ticket. This looks like a new site, and is affiliated with other auction sites, Plunder Here, Bidders n Sellers, and USIFF.

Wine auction

Wod Auctions

This site is totally free, with no cost to sellers. It features free stores.

Yahoo Auctions — this is now closed as of June 2007.
(They stopped taking new listings then.) They have three out-of-country sites that are still running, though — in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

YourEarthNow Auction site

This site came from Olathe, Kansas. A new site design is coming soon. It also has free auction listings.


This is a trading site, said to be recommended by Oprah.


Blogs, web pages, and help for online selling and buying

The rest of these sites are not alphabetized.


News, resources, blog, and more

Find Cheap Auctions site

Gumshoo Ebay Search

Look for misspelled Ebay auctions - the original site

My Betsyanne Ebay Tips page

This page has many more free sites and tips to help you buy or sell on Ebay. (soon to have more links).


Manufacturers Directory for online sellers

Check a Seller’s Feedback

What is selling on Ebay (Ebay Pop)

Find Bargains on Ebay

(A Vendio site)

Find deals at Stores and Ebay

(A Vendio site)

FAQ page for Ebay selling

Skip McGrath’s Auction seller Resource Page

He also has a newsletter

Seller Sourcebook

This is another Ebay helper site - which includes books to sell. They also
have auction tips, sources, and reviews.

The E-Auctionaire site

This site has nice information and podcasts — but it hasn’t been updated in a LONG time.

Startup Journal

Why to get an Ebay store and how to make it better

Spare Dollar

This site features templates for selling on Ebay

Improve your SEO — This site is written of highly by the Zlio store:


Write pages advertising your online items or store

Promote your Ebay store with Squidoo

Free traffic book - Squidoo

Grow your Ebay Store sales — Squidoo

Internet Marketing Forum

Marketing Slave site — also has a podcast


This is a bookseller site with tools to help sellers sell on more than one site at once.

Old school selling still works!,-Still-Works-Even-Online!&id=103812


She has ebooks for sale here ans says she earns 1000 per month on Ebay and other streams of income.

Robert Puddy’s Instant Squeeze page generator free


Auctiva — This is a good free site to help you list on Ebay. You get a free scheduler, free unlimited listings, free templates, and free photo hosting, plus more.

Auction Sage

helps people sell online.


Intellcontact makes forms to put on your page — the at-homeworks
person uses them. I think they charge.

I use:


Bravenet offers free contact forms, but they do put popup ads on your pages.


Motivation Podcast

Getting motivated at work

Small business motivation speaker

Wellspring podcasts

On many subjects


seller tools, online help, specialists.


Andale — this is a good site for looking up what sells online.


Some free resources like a "look at what else the seller has" site. You can join for free, but you pay for advanced options. Be careful of joining, then cancelling, because some things may still show on your auctions. You need to check after you cancel to make sure all has come off.

templates for Ebay - $8.00 a month.

Spoonfeeder Auction Software







Streaming Audio for auctions



Help for selling on Ebay — photo hosting and 12 templates.

A comparison site — you can compare different auctions with each other on the same site.

Free classifieds sites

The Wiz’ Cool Free Stuff Page

Links to Mac Software from AuctionBytes

Auction Software Review Mac Tools:

AuctionSieve (searching)

JBidWatcher (sniping)

MarketBlast (auction-management tool)

Needs Mac OS 10.3 min.


**GarageSale** needs OS 10.3 or later.

Auction Monitor

Non-U.S. auction sites:

Euro Auction (UK)

Eachnet (Shanhai — Ebay has acquired 1/3 of this)

Yahoo Auctions Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan

Neocom (Ebay has bought this as per


Make your own auction website for free: still in beta testing

* Turn classified ads into auctions.

Turn ads into auctions on Craigslist, kijiji, Google base,
Edgeio, Yahoo! Local Listing, LiveDeal, Oodle, Backpage, Vast for FREE.

* Create Video, Audio and Photo auctions

Kenzy’s Online Auction Links (includes defunct auction

The Internet Auction List

2008 reviews of online auction sites:

US Auction Sites

Directories and indexes

Auction Venues Directory (from AuctionLotWatch)

New, co-started by an ex-Ebay member. The site mentions other kinds of online traders. This is more like an index site.

Online Auction Articles

Fraud Prevention

Google Base

Auction Blacklist — look up fraudulent buyers or sellers

Join and be able to show the image on your site as being approved and a good seller.

Traderlist — lists good traders and buyers

At first, this site seems like it is just for Beanie Babies traders, but it is for all collectibles.

LiveDeal Classifieds


Guide to internet auctions — from the FDC

Classifieds sites:

Autos, Real Estate, Hot Jobs, Personals, and Tickets. It is no longer offering "For Sale" or "pets"

The best free online advertising sources

Topix Classified Site

Free classifieds.

Kentucky Superads

**U.S. Free Ads**

I have used and can recommend this one.

**Media gridwork** — you can use this IF you do not also use Google ads. Your page may load slower though. It does bring traffic.

Free online local classifieds. "$3 billion worth of goods listed for sale."

Shipping Supplies:

Advertises low prices

Where do I get my supplies?


Art Auctions List

This is just a rough draft. I thought I’d post it so people can explore these sites. I have NOT checked them all out yet, so this will be an adventure for me, too.

I will post the link to my blog too when I go to these sites to check them out.


My sites:

The Betsyanne Site

My blog:

The Nontrads Site

The Teacher Tree Links site

My Ebay Auctions


Some sources for this list:


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