Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Computer and scanner glitches - - and neat jewelry from Laura Reynolds!

Just scroll down for the upbeat stuff. :-)

It's been awhile since I've had to grapple with glitches. One such glitch is my not-working driver for my scanner. Ouch!

I have tried several times to get it working again with downloads of new drivers. So maybe it's time for another scanner?

I got my trusty Microtek 4800 a long time ago, and really like it. It works for me. At least it used to! Now to search for other kinds OR try to get the driver working. Last time this happened, I spent about two days getting it to work again, which is a major waste of time.

Onward and upward!

I did have another posting to put here today before I was interrupted by scanner drama.

I have photos of some wonderful handmade jewelry I got at Concave last weekend. They are both necklaces, the bottom part (no chains). One is of a dragon with an eye in it, and the other looks like some kind of round steampunk machine switch with a bit push button and lights on the side.

Here are pictures of them...
Both pendants.
A beautiful steampunk pendant with faux lights.
A dragon with a dragon eye.

These are molded somehow, and very light. I like the attention to detail, the shading, and the bright additions.

They are made by Laura Reynolds, who also makes beautiful models and other art. Here is her website: Prism Studios. Thanks, Laura!

And here is an article about her: Laura Reynolds: Enchanting Animals


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