Sunday, February 27, 2011

Too many blogs? I wonder.

 Hi everyone!

Today I am doing my blogs. Of course, each one is different, so I am finding something (hopefully interesting!) to put on all of them.

My new proposal to myself is to write something here and on the other blogs at least every other day. That way, they have good continuity, which is a great thing on a blog.

Here are some of my other blogs:
The Nontraditional Student blog - this blog was set up to help other nontraditional students. I hope to put this on the Nontrad website this year so it adds to the freshness of the first page OR has its own page.
The BGAMUG blog (for now!) - announcing club events for the Bowling Green Computer Club. I am thinking of broadening this blog to include other members doing guest postings or getting some good computer tips to post here too.
Squidoo Liz - continuing my Squidoo journey of building lenses towards my first 50.
Cheap and Free Stuff in and around Bowling Green, Kentucky. This list has proven handy for some of my readers, who use it to check out what they plan for the week. Plus it helps keep me apprised of events.
Find Scholarships and Grants - this blog helps students of all ages find free help and links to get scholarships, grants, and more.

This does not count the Nontrad discussion group, My Squidoo pages, or my websites, which all need an update. PLUS I have a monthly newsletter I need to do. So I think I will still aim for quality postings on my blogs, but won't mind as much if they are shorter. And nothing says I must always find a good photo for them... but I do like clip art, photos, or other decorations on my blogs.

Do you have a blog or blogs, readers? How do you decide whether or not to keep a blog you have invested in? Or do you just abbreviate it? I would be curious to know.

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