Friday, March 04, 2011

A new ray of hope for Alzheimer's and dementia - plus two Alzheimer's blogs

An easy future cure for Alzheimer's and Dementia? This is definitely worth a look.

I ran across a great, interesting article today in one of my favorite blogs, The Alzheimer's Reading Room. The author, Bob DeMarco, is himself a caregiver for his mother, Dotty.

He writes about his experiences, and also posts new information that is of interest to other caregivers. Often, he writes about new possibilities for treatment, what works, and news about Alzheimer's too.

The posting in question is about a possible new treatment for Alzheimer's. It sounds so hopeful. Plus, it does sound like exciting research. The post is called Alzheimer's vaccine in a Nasal Spray.

I hope that this research pans out and turns out to be useful for patients and their families.

Another great new blog about Alzheimer's caregiving happens to be written by a former high school friend, Tinky Weisblat. She is the caregiver for her Mom, Jan (Taffy) too. You will also love her quirky, fun sense of humor. Here is her blog: Pulling Taffy. I know you will enjoy it.

She has also written a book, The Pudding Hollow Cookbook. Here is that page.

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