Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nashville travels... and The great Frist Birth of Impressionism exhibit!

The Birth of Impressionism exhibit in Nashville at the Frist...

The Frist Center for the Visual Arts Exhibit called The Birth of Impressionism is almost over in Nashville but you still have around 5 more days to go and see it.

The paintings at the exhibit will astound you. Some are HUGE... and you can see neat details like glitter in the paint, and how masterful the paintings really are up close. These are on loan from the Orsay Museum in France. There are so many new things to see here. Whistler's Mother is here, plus lots of beautiful paintings by people you may not have heard of before, along with other famous artists like Manet, Monet and Renoir.

I learned a lot there too, about the history of France, salons, and some of what it took to be a successful artist back then.

The exhibit runs through the 23rd of January. Today is a free day there, but parking can be difficult to find, unless you get there right when it opens.

It is definitely worth going to. You will NOT be disappointed. I was amazed at some of the huge paintings, and some of the smaller ones were meticulously done. They had a taped explanation of the paintings too, all included.

I hope to go again before it closes.

You can see some of the beautiful paintings here:

And some parking lot pix and more here:
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