Friday, January 21, 2011

Saving my Twitter postings for later, adding Digg, more.

I am saving my Twitter Postings - do you do that too?

In this posting: how to make a home-made Twitter postings backup for personal use, how to add a "Digg" program window on your Firefox browser, and a thumbs up for Hootsuite, a Twitter poster that lets you post ahead of time on your Twitter accounts.
I save my Twitter postings after I use them. I can re-use them that way at HootSuite or put the on my permanent links on my browser, to look at later.

I find some neat websites while searching at Digg and Stumbleupon. The Digg ones I can now check out on my desktop with a new application, the Digg Toolbar on Firefox version 2.0.2. This application really helps me find new stories to list on Twitter.

It is easy to save your Twitter postings by yourself. Just copy at least 10 pages at a time, using the "more" button at the bottom of your Twitter postings page to add each page. Then use your edit-copy-paste skills to transfer these links and postings to any word processor you want. I prefer my easy Text-Edit program. I'm sure you have your favorite too.

I put a date on my folder and voila! I am done and can use these postings as I need them when I post ahead using Hootsuite. Hootsuite can really free up your time. I post on Hootsuite for the next day. Right now I'm experimenting to see if I can see a difference in traffic from less or more postings per day on each account (I have 3 right now). I tried only 2 postings yesterday and it was NOT a good idea. I switched back to my regular every three hour postings today and so far, so good.

The saved Twitter postings I have help me a lot when I go to post for the next day or week. Of course, I also put new and current postings on there, and don't re-post too-dated stuff.

But I believe different people see different postings at different times, so you won't have a lot of "same-same" postings, even if you do re-use some Twitterings. That is my hope!

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