Friday, January 07, 2011

My Five Top free and helpful Twitter Sites and Twitter Info Sites

Twitter Sites and Info Sites I like - the Top Five.

#1: I love the Hootsuite site. It is totally free (I use the free option) and of course you can upgrade for more features. It's very easy to use, and you can schedule your tweets there for the week or just for the next day. I usually just do tweets for the next day, and this frees me up a lot!

#2. The Twitter Yellow Pages - Twellow. I go here to add new tweeple (people!) to my Twitter every so often. I have three accounts on Twitter, and can so far only manage to add two accounts here. But I can check out each name, number of followers, and what they have put their name under, so I can tell if I will like their tweets or not. It's easy to add the people, simply click a box near their name.

#3. Mashable - just go to the website and click on the Social Media box, then the Twitter tab. Or just click here. You will find lots of Twitter stories to read here that are very popular. Just check how often they are shared. You will also find a lot of other stuff here too, like news articles about lots of other tech subjects.

#4. Twibes - I started two Twitter Twibes, one is Nontraditional Students and the other is Bowling Green, Kentucky. It's a great way to find out who is interested in what you are interested in, and also who is in your area. Find out more about the Twitter Twibes main page. You can also go to your Twibes page and find good Twitter postings by others in your interest area to re-tweet.

#5. Untweeps - this site is really easy to use. It takes off followers that have not posted in (you say) however many days. It also shows each person's name and picture so you don't accidentally erase a friend who just hasn't been to Twitter in awhile.

But face it, people who aren't on Twitter are NOT going to be reading your postings, so you need to seriously consider deleting them if you need more tweeple reading your posts. Just saying. The free version (which of course I use) only lets you do so many untweep sessions before they make you come back later. But that's OK.

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