Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some of my newest vampire and monster heads, one fairy door

Art_museum_and_boatImage by betsyanne via Flickr

Vampire and Monster Heads, plus a Fairy Door.

I just shared this on my Facebook page, and thought I'd put a copy here. These are some of my newest clay creations. They are clay monster heads, and I stained them so I could
keep the detail. Bob showed me some of his techniques for making heads. I could not match his wonderful faces, so I made some other kinds. I guess the vampire ones are good for this month (Halloween and all...) so the timing worked.

These are actually at home right now, instead of downtown. I was going to make an Etsy store and put them on it. There is a Gallery Hop coming up here in Bowling Green on November 6th and 7th (a Saturday and Sunday) and I sent these in for possible inclusion on an ad. I have been told that I should consider making some fairies or elves to go with the door.

So... I may have to move them there to the Pots place for that weekend. Then I can take them back and try the store out the next week. Sometimes it's good to give yourself a deadline anyhow, to get things done.


PS The picture on top is from a trip to the Milwaukee museum. 

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