Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Victorian Trading Company

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Here's a shortie but goodie.

I found a copy of a Victorian Trading Company catalog lying around in my stuff I am organizing at home. What a fun catalog. It's chock full of old-fashioned things. Send away for the catalog if you can, because it is way fun to look at all the beautiful pictures in here. They have old-fashioned clothing, lights, cards, stationery, porcelain, furniture, clocks, walking sticks, and lots more.
But you can also check out some of their wonderful products here:
The Victorian Trading Company Online.

Let me know what you like about it. I like just about everything here. I can't afford to buy the larger items, but I love to window shop with this. I bet you like it too, especially if you love old, antique, fancy and decorative things.


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