Friday, October 22, 2010

Haunted attractions in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area

I am getting ready to do a lens (web page) for Squidoo today about haunted attractions in the area. There are more than ever right now.
There is also a new one out Louisville Road I need to find the name of. It doesn't seem to be listed online.
Check each website for the dates left you can tour.
Here is what I have so far:
Octagon Haunted Hall
"$10.00 admission - 6040 Bowling Green Road, 31W North, Franklin, Kentucky. From the website: 7 p.m. til ??? October 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30. Be sure to visit Octagon Hall Museum on Facebook to see some paranormal evidence. Billy D. Byrd Executive Director."
Their Facebook page is here: Octagon Hall Museum on Facebook.

Skeleton's Lair Haunted Woods
This is a famous one. Their website is here: Skeleton's Lair Haunted Woods and Hayride. They are located on Cemetery Road (Hwy. 234) at 48 Locketts Dream, Settle, Kentucky. Phone 270-622-8171.
From their website: "Skeleton's Lair is a high energy, interactive Halloween attraction with 50 live actors, animation, pyrotechnics, fog and special effects." 

The Massacre Haunted House

This Haunted House is located next to the local Bowling Green KOA campground at 1960 Three Springs Road, and their contact phone number is 843-1919,(maybe) 270-792-1021Fax: Other Phone 270-202-9220. You can get a money-off coupon at this SOKY Happenings link:
plus they have a MySpace page at, and a Facebook page here:
From the website:  "Experience the ultimate ATV ride. Tear through the wooded trail & across the lake in a Hydratrek 6 wheeled amphibious vehicle. The trip is like no other! Hay rides & Haunted    putt-putt golf are also available at the K.O.A. campground. Discount package price for all 4 attractions is $25.00, or purchase them individually, The Massacre $15.00, Hydratrek ride $10.00, Hay Ride $3.00, Haunted putt-putt golf $4.00. "

This video is from The Massacre Haunted House, and is called Terror in the Kitchen:

Scream Warehouse - this is a new haunted venue this year at 2461 Louisville Road. Proceeds are going to charities. If you go to it (it may be $20.00 to get in) let me now how it is.The clowns are supposed to be especially scary, according to someone on Topix.

Send in your other sites as comments here. Thanks!
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