Saturday, July 03, 2010

RocketMoms on Squidoo

RocketMoms - what a neat group!

Well, I'm in for Session 8. Of RocketMoms. RocketMoms is an invitation-only group of Moms on Squidoo that help each other make Squidoo lenses. For me, Rocket Moms helps by giving me an assignment AND a deadline.

Here is one of their logos:

Before I got an invitation to join RocketMoms, I joined Squidoo and made some easy-to-make lenses. Squidoo makes it easy to make lenses (like web pages) because they have ready-made modules you can use.

You can join Squidoo with my link. It is here: Join Squidoo. I believe I made more than 5 lenses before I got my invitation.

How to request an invitation to RocketMoms: (from Bonnie) If you are wanting to join a free session, you can do so by going here to this page. Then click on the link at the top right that says "Join a Free RocketMoms Session".

This session, RocketMoms is making a cookbook. It will be added to during the whole session. Here is that link: I found out today my Vanilla Ice Cream lens was added. I am so happy about that.

Here are some other RocketMoms sites you can check out:
The RocketMoms main site - the Ning Group
RocketMoms on Facebook (Session 8)
The RocketMoms blog
RocketMoms on Twitter
RocketMoms Squidoo Page 

And come visit me on Squidoo. I have a lens that can help new Squidoo Lensmasters called Free Squidoo Secrets: My Beginner's Guide to Squidoo and a lens that shows many of my lenses I have already made. It is here:

Wish me luck! And I wish YOU luck too. And I hope to see you on Squidoo soon!

-Betsyanne (Lizziebeth on Squidoo!)

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