Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Getting ready for trainings, more

Girl Scout papers, hats, and paperwork...

A bad thing happened to my Girl Scout records some years ago. They got erased!

So I have been looking for my originals in the huge bunches of paperwork I have at home.

I found some yesterday! It may be enough to fill out my "new" forms and then I will bring them in. I hope to be able to add to my experience as a Trainer and take some new classes too. I think the teaching classes I took will help me too.

The hat (above) reminds me of a Troop project I did with my Junior Scouts. We all wore out hats and visited a local nursing home. I think the residents enjoyed it, and the girls learned from it too.

The girls felt good about talking to the residents and we also had fun making the hats. I hope to be able to do some craft projects, singing workshops, badge workshops and more when I get back into helping.

I look forward to it!


The hat artwork is from C.L. Conroy, who works at a small print shop in a rural area.
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