Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cross Plains Trash and Treasures Sale was today

Exploring Cross Plains - - a unique, colorful town.
I had fun today.  The Cross Plains all-over-town yard sale has been on for awhile, and today, Saturday, was the last day.

I took some photos of some of the people selling. They have great old houses there, plus an old-fashioned full-service drug store, Thomas Drugs, which is complete with great little booths, postcards, an old clock, and all kinds of stuff for sale. The people in town and at the drugstore were nice, too. I just took the camera out and clicked away.

The old brick sidewalks were so neat, and there was old-fashioned Victorian brick-a-brack on many houses. Also, there were many different things for sale (including some old books).

And not too far away, we found farms and pretty countryside. The whole place had a laid-back, fun country atmosphere.

There were booths from all over, and many residents had yard sales right along the street. I saw many vintage and antique items mixed in with new stuff. That's right down my alley!

Next year I hope to spend some more time here in Cross Plains, Tennessee. It's just a skip and a jump from the Garden Spot in Kentucky, where I live.

Read what Ms. Cheap from Nashville says about this sale:
Cross Plains Trash & Treasures sale lives up to its name

and check out Thomas Drugs online:
They are located at 7802 Highway 25E, Cross Plains, TN 37049. Just saying. :-)

MORE PHOTOS: You can see all the rest of the pictures I took here on Flickr:
The rest of the photos



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