Monday, May 17, 2010

New Twitter Fun - Band Food Puns!

I have picked the Band Food Puns today at Twitter that I recognize.

Here are some funny ones:

@jfdotx James Brownie... Nat Creme Cole... Carol Peking Duck... Celine Dijon.. I could go on... #bandfoodpuns

@LaurieOakes Crosby Stills and Mash. #bandfoodpuns

@HannahSpazzface Bob Barley. Yeah that's the best I got. #bandfoodpuns 

@SASilk Tomato Waits #bandfoodpuns 

@MichaelByrnes Robert Eggplant #bandfoodpuns

@ShadowFeeder #bandfoodpuns Fleetwood Mac n' Cheese  

@Jadenebell #bandfoodpuns the rolling scones

@mick_martin Tom Petty & the Tartbakers #bandfoodpuns

You can go to the search area and see even more. How fun!


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