Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New baby birds are living on my outside buglight!

I did get some pictures this year. I do get bird nests at my house every year. But most of the time they choose bushes or trees.

Aren't they cute? They barely fit into the nest.

But the hiding pictures I like! It isn't easy to see this nest from the door.... was I ever surprised when this year the birds decided not to use the tree/bushes and thought the top of the light was perfect.

 The baby birds did some great posing at first, sticking their necks out! Now the mama bird seems to be warning them to stay down and hide when I'm around with my camera. I hear her clucking at me from the willow tree.

Today I am thinking maybe the bush didn't look too secure when it had water coming up its trunk earlier. This bird nest looks like it too awhile to build. I have some other birds to get out of part of my garage this summer, of course after the baby birds have flown away. 


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