Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some great writing and blogging site links

Some fun websites for writers

I like to check in on writing websites, but I have been writing a LOT lately and have not taken the time. Here are the spots I have found that I like so far. Please let me know your favorites!

The Writer's Den - this is a place you can share your writing with and do reviews of other people's writing too. It is a deep site, complete with groups and message board.
Blog Catalog - for blog writers. You register your blog there and you can also add a logo on your blog.
Blog Carnival - I haven't joined this one yet, but I have heard good things about them.
Angela Booth's 5 Minute Writing Tips site - this site is definitely worth exploring.
E-book writing and marketing secrets with Connie Ragan Green She has downloadable podcasts too, and they are free. I have listened to at least two of these so far.
Language is a virus - cure writer's block - a neat site.

Blogger's Rights - from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Find out more: there are some great Writer's sites at Stumbleupon. Here is a link to see some of those:

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