Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Creative Non-Fiction!!!! Our first class meeting

We had our first meeting with our professor, Dr. Judith, today. She pronounced her last name and said we didn't have to use it. Good thing - but I'm used to learning unusual names. I think I wrote it down phonetically so it should be OK. But I think she likes Dr. Judith best.

Dr. Judith doesn't want people to worry about the class. She said we could all do well if we just try our best. AND we aren't to have our feelings hurt if she says some blunt things about our writing. I will just steel myself to just taking the bluntness because I want to know the truth, no matter how it hurts.


It was great fun listening to Lesa Dill today - she teaches Descriptive Linguistics. She says this class is a lot easier face to face -- and she wouldn't do it online if she didn't have to. Luckily, we are face to face. She is so funny - I like the fact that we won't have to shlog through the snow to come next month. Maybe...


I will keep this blog for a daily journal and post a link to it on the website I will be making. I think I'll make a NEW first page and just link to my business page. That makes sense because I only have two things on my Ebay site right now - 2 Star Trek tapes.

I think people are nervous about the CNF (Creative Non-Fiction) class but I don't think the people who came to the F-to-F (face-to-face) meeting will drop the class. I AM worried about our other group member - a little bee told me that his mailbox may be full. THEN I went to the WKU site and looked up his name under "Students" to find his phone number - they didn't have him listed. Darn.

Next on the agenda for this class: a SCHEDULE for our group. That will make it easier for us - we can know when to post our stories and when to read them, etc.

The land line phone is buzzing here at home instead of making that nice, normal d-e-e-e-e-p dial tone -- and I will have to move the crystal on the bookshelf in order to get behind and inspect the phone plug-in. I guess I'll do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is The Pots Place time - 10-2 - and I trim my pots after 2:00. I will type up my notes there and get my folders in shape - ALSO must type up a 2 minute speech about myself. Blech.

This is kind of fun, blogging. I went to the "other blogs" link and saw some GREAT blogs. Some have even won awards!!

I guess this is mostly stream-of-consciousness right now... it's funny how many things we human beings handle in a day... OH - Dr. Davison asked me how I felt when my table group did the horse and rider puzzle today - the truth was, I was very pleased with myself for seeing how the puzzle went so quickly. :-) It was just my day.

Londa was right when she said we were lucky. I usually don't do that well on puzzles. I used to draw mazes though for fun and did some for my high school paper. I may have seen something like it once.

That reminds me.. I need to find that great book. Just went into the bedroom to search the bookshelves. Here it is! The Encyclopedia of Puzzles and Pastimes. What a great book. OK.. here's a riddle:

Stand oath
__u__ ur

It's pretty easy, really. "You understand you are under oath."

(from that great book, I'll call it EPP). Aren't those fun?

Here's another one:

Stand__take____to__ taking
__I____ you__ throw __my

"I understand you undertake to overthrow my undertaking."

Isn't that GREAT???

I guess I'll go pack my backpack.

I wonder if the words above will line up. If they don't, I'll need to make a .pdf file of them and retry this soon.


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