Monday, March 29, 2010

Is The Moon and the Willow Tree a good name for my blog?

I am wondering whether or not to change the name of my blog. It is The Moon and the Willow Tree, which describes my front yard.

But how many people know this? I just like it because I like the tree, and I like the moon in the beautiful Kentucky sky. Plus in a way, it describes me, too, because I like to say I live at The Garden Spot because every year I plan a garden and sometimes I actually do it.

This year, I WILL do my garden again, and will also plant some sunflowers. There is something about sunflowers that is cheery and happy. I think if I plant them close enough together in a row, it will make a natural fence.

I thought maybe writing about this would help me decide whether or not to change my blog name. But I am still ambivalent. After all, I have had this blog name since the beginning of my blog. And I write ecletically, about many different things, so a new name probably wouldn't help me. So for now, I'm going to keep it.

Any thoughts on a better name? Or do my readers like this one? I am curious.


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