Friday, March 26, 2010

Discovering Ridgetop, Tennessee - echoes of the past

What IS it about Ridgetop that is so magical?

I drove through Ridgetop, Tennessee by mistake yesterday, and was SO glad I did. This place has the aura of a vacation community. There are great huge Victorian houses, little roads, picturesque vistas, and places to visit here. I got a feeling of being in the past, in a good way. It was magical - because the houses and atmosphere harkens back to an earlier, more graceful, slower paced, more elegant time.

I want to come back and vacation here someday. But I did get to drive through part of Ridgetop yesterday. If you live in the area, it's definitely worth a look or even better, a visit.

I want to go back and find out more.

Ridgetop Tennessee's website at has this description of Ridgetop, Tennessee:  

"Ridgetop is located in southern Robertson County and derives its uniqueness from the topography and climate of the area. It’s located at the edge of the Highland Rim over 800 feet above sea level.  Ridgetop was settled in the early 1800's and played a role in the social life of turn-of-the-century Nashville. This was the era of the inner city elite who could afford to take vacations during the hot summer months, and escape to Ridgetop then known as "The Enclosure" resort and spa. The resort consisted of six lots hosting summer cottages surrounded by sprawling lawns and a common park area with a white wooden fence.  Today Ridgetop is a beautiful small thriving community still welcoming with open arms and southern hospitality. "

Well... The Enclosure may be gone, but there are reminders of how fun a place Ridgetop used to be all over the place. For lovers of the past, Ridgetop is a must-see, even if you just drive through, as I did.

Here is a map from Mapquest to let you know where it is located:

Ridgetop, Tennessee from Wikipedia,_Tennessee

Ridgetop Online Community (this site has photos, too)

From this site: "Ridgetop, originally known as Nunley and then as Chancy, took its name from the train stop which was known as Ridgetop Station." Interesting!

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