Saturday, March 07, 2009

Planning my garden - part 2

Now I am getting nervous about my garden. I was going to plant my seeds much earlier than now, but now I am thinking about planting them outside instead of inside.

I am a beginner, so I won’t be sure how things will turn out until I try them, and that is what makes me nervous. What if my garden gets a lot of weeds like last year? Will I be able to mulch the garden better this year, and spend more time on it? I hope so. PLUS I hope I won’t forget to water the garden again and lose some plants again.

I hope I have learned something from last year’s mistakes.

On the good side, this year I have the use of an older two-cycle tiller. It uses a gasoline and oil mixture. I think I’ll look it up online and see if I can figure it out. If not, I will call a WKU student who can help me start it up and show me how. I tried it years ago, and could not make it work.

But I am optimistic. I will go through my seeds today also.

Tomorrow: I list my seed catalogs and make last-minute purchases.

Planning My Garden - Part 1

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