Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Motivation... and Energy for the Garden Spot

My To-Do List(s) mention getting seeds going for the garden this week (actually a few weeks ago, but that's OK too).

I found some plastic seed sprouters out in the Little House in the back yard, so now I am ready.

Some choices for this yeaer:
1. Sweet Snap Peas
2. Sunflowers (many kinds)
3. Baby Watermelon
4. He-Shi-Ko onions (must look these up)
5. Tomatoes

I tried some striped tomatoes last year and the flavor was great. I will order some of those seeds for either next year, or (maybe) this year.

There were some very reasonable striped tomato plants at the Farmer's Market last year, too.

It would also be fun to try to make a fence out of willow strips and other branches this year. I know I will want to try to grow some more flowers. If the apple tree can keep its blooms this year, I will be happy because then we will have apples. The early freeze completely took all the blossoms last year.

I think I have some more containers outside, so I'll need to get those to the house, too.


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