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News about Large Animal Rescue in Franklin, Kentucky

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Marlene Nelson is an activist. She cares about families that have lost everything.
She also cares about horses that are being abused and neglected.

“You would not believe what is going on right now,” Marlene Nelson, operator of SE Thrift store in Franklin, said. “I get people coming here from all around Kentucky, and also from Tennessee. We help them out as much as we can.”

The SE of SE Thrift stands for Safe Haven Equine. It is associated with SEAC, which is the Safe Haven Equine Awareness Centers. The store and the group helps people who have lost everything in fires, or who are having a hard time because of the economic downturn.

Marlene said that many farms are going under right now. “Some people can’t afford to feed their families,” she said. Also, some people don’t care for their horses, donkeys, and other large livestock like they should.

When horses need help, Marlene is there. “I have many horses at my house,” Marlene said, “and there are even more out there that need help.”

She told me some stories about horses being shoved into trucks with no food and water. “And this is just some of what is going on,” she said. “Some people don’t think that horses can feel things,” she explained, and some are terribly cruel to them.

Marlene is moving the SE Thrift store to a much larger area by 31-W close to the golf course and Subway in Franklin in about a month. It will have a lot more room. Right now, it is located at 300 Witt Street.

Right now, the whole place is full including another floor, and it could really use the extra space.

Marlene has big dreams for the future. “I want to get donations to have a place where people can learn how to take care of their horses,” she said. She sees a day when there can be an SE Store in every county seat.

She also told me some stories about horses who were dying and being neglected. Marlene explained that some horses are being shipped to Mexico right now, and they don’t have good rules to protect them. “There are no USDA rules about that,” she said.

When she learns of animal abuse, she takes action. She has called officials and told them they need to check horses. She tells them, “just do your job.”

Do you know of a family having a hard time, or do you know of a horse or horses that need help?

You can call Marlene Nelson at 270-253-2282 to get help, volunteer to help her, or make a donation.

You can also email her at

Learn more about the Safe Haven Equine group and Marlene here on the WBKO News site:

Rockin CM Brand rocking horses donate a portion of their proceeds to the Safe Haven Equine group.

Check out other Animal Welfare Groups in Kentucky


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