Thursday, April 03, 2008

Listing in the Rain

My New Weekly Newsletter
and Ebay Listings
From The Garden Spot
Thursday, 4-3-08

Hi, all!

I wanted to "get posting" today here on my blog, and I'm also posting items for sale on Ebay, too. It's a quiet kind of day... and very peaceful.

My Ebay Items
I have some Stephen King and Peter Straub books, Bob Brigl pottery, a vintage look tin box, a PowerNotes teaching CD, and a Power English cassette training system for sale on Ebay this week.

You can go to see my Ebay listings here.

Here at The Garden Spot in Bowling Green, Kentucky, it's raining - a lot. The pond across the street is filled up all the way, and water is streaming into the cave drain from all the neighbor's houses up and down the street.
My Business News

This week, I bit the bullet and bought a copy of Microsoft Word. I got Office 98, which works terrific on my OS 10.2 system.

Now I can access the great artwork available on the Microsoft site. Will I be able to download it successfully on my Mac? I hope so, because the clip art there is great, and there is a lot of it.

You can check out the Microsoft clip art area here.

My To-Do List - or: What Happened to my Seedlings...

Some of my new seedlings disappeared this week. I couldn't figure out why. Then I looked a bit closer and saw some little tiny bugs in the soil where the little seedlings used to be.

I still have much to learn about gardening, and even more about starting my own plants.

Looking closely at soil before and after planting is one thing I have learned to do next time.

Also, I think next time I will plant outside in a mini-greenhouse (so they get more sun than the window) OR use storebought soil (so they don't have bugs in the soil that like to eat seedlings).

Well - back to work.

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