Monday, July 16, 2007

Lost River Cave's Civil War Reenactment

[Fort Burnham, Va. Encampment and earthworks].

I went to the Lost River Cave Civil War Reenactment yesterday. Boy, did I ever jump when the cannons went off!

This photo and the title are from the American Memory government archives at:

A press release about it:

Here is a slideshow about the cave:

It was great. There were women there in hoop skirts, metal workers, tents set up (much like the photo), and troops marching and shooting rifles.

I'm glad I dragged Rickey there. It was fun. AND the gift shop is great. Do you know that there is a sluice set up outside where you can "pan" for precious stones? Also, a bridge has been set up that spans the valley.

They have done a GREAT job improving Lost River Cave. Next time I hope to take the boat ride and see the butterflies, too.


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