Friday, July 27, 2007

Summertime, Movies, and Mars

I just really like this photo. Of course, there are more leaves now, but generally the green and super sunset still is there nightly, with any luck. I need to go back outside and get some summer shots of the Rose of Sharon bushes and the garden soon.

Many things have happened this week. One of the best things was seeing the movie "The Simpsons" today. It made me smile. It was definitely worth the price of admission, even if just to hear the kids laughing in the theater.

We hung on and saw the credits. Most of the people had already left, and they inserted another movie clip, so I'm glad we stayed.

Rickey will find out whether we can go up north this summer soon. It all depends on who is already scheduled...

Other movies to see soon:
Sicko and Hairspray.

I lost and then found some books yesterday. That is always such a good feeling to find something.

Off to read Harry Potter. I finally got to Walmart to exchange it.

A heads up for next month: on the 27th of August Mars will be very close to the earth, along with the moon. It will look like two moons at 12:30 a.m. I'm not sure which time zone the original announcement came from, but it would be worth looking up, just in case.


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