Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I found the greatest scary story podcast!

Image from the imageafter.com site

I was doing my usual looking for podcasts today when I found this GREAT original site.

It's Twilight Tales. (click to go there...)

From the site:

"Experience dramatic readings of work from our authors as podcasts. Podcasts are radio-like programs you can subscribe to over the Internet. You can subscribe to the Twilight Tales Audio Experience podcast and your “podcatching” software will always download new installments. Those installments will wind up on your iPod or other portable mp3 audio player when you synchronize. You can think of it as something like a subscription to an audio magazine. Twilight Tales Audio Experience is absolutely free."

It all sounded great. I listened to “The Tapping” by John Everson and was it ever good! It reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe. I really love Poe, and this story was a modern (scary) story.

On another page, the site author(s) describe a Flash Fiction contest and have a winning story posted.

I found this Twilight Tales site location at the Radiomensa site. Just check out the podcast links on the right side of the page.

You can find many other great podcasts to listen to. I haven't checked them all out yet, so listener beware.

Each podcast should automatically start up on your computer when you double-click on the podcast you like.

Then if you have an IPod or IPhone (sorry to say I don't have one of these yet - darn) a wireless headphone set, or just a computer with a sound card in it and speakers, you can listen to your chosen podcast and do other things at the same time.

Or you can just relax and listen. Enjoy!


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