Friday, June 19, 2020

News for June 2020 from Betsyanne at the Garden Spot. Many updates!

Hello, Friends and Blog Followers. I have missed writing here!

My favorite photo from yesterday's walk.

My new normal right now (in the midst of the CoronaVirus Crisis) includes:

1. Ordering food from an online service (InstaCart, and mostly Kroger, although there are other stores I have also tried...)

2. Cooking - a lot!

3. Trimming and doing yard work - a must! Trying to do this at least 2 times a week. Because if I don't, well, there are more consequences than just "delayed yard maintenance". Like snakes unwanted wildlife.

Rickey on the path.

4. Going on walks (as much as possible) - and taking photos there.

5. Organizing and posting books and more (online) - also a lot!

6. Going through papers and boxes, washing masks...

7. Writing - joined an online Writing Group for inspiration.

8. Hopefully starting back with my art.

9. Making discoveries - about myself and in boxes...


10. Updating blogs and websites. This will take awhile!


Looking through the branches.

Posted throughout this blog posting are some photos of a recent walk Rickey and I did at Lost River Cave on their Greenway path.

I have discovered (not surprisingly...) that I still love to write and love to do art. Cooking - well, it does have a smidgen of creativity to it at times. The Creativity of Cooking story I've heard before does have some truth to it. I've been told I'm a creative genius at making something out of nothing, which is a genuinely useful skill especially right now. A chef I am not, but maybe a cook.

Our cat, Braxton, who I swear had a "feral" sign on his cage at the shelter, has gotten better. (Rickey does not remember this sign...) We don't get attacked as much. He sometimes will obey us. We have been using lots of treats and give him a lot of alone time in his own room, which he has taken away from Rickey for now.

My daughter has moved to a nearby town and we get a glimpse of them now and then. We make some book and etc. deliveries to them occasionally.

I am connecting by writing letters too, to relatives and friends, and hope to do more of that.

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Look for more news and photos soon.

Adding: There is so much to update about.  <NOTE: I have taken all but one of the ads off of here, and it may take a day or two for them to stop annoyingly blocking my text. Argh. I switch over to the "New Blogger" soon. will try it out later.>

Onward and Upward!


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