Thursday, September 10, 2020

News for September 2020 - - Some Fun Stuff. Saying hi - Musings from The Garden Spot - walking, doing blogs, and taking photos.

Some fun stuff.

I have been walking lately - - every other day at least. 

I will be posting here more about that. On my walks, I found a tree with a face, some dog pawprints, a truck that watches over the park, the occasional game at a park venue, some corn that is very ripe (in the field next to a path), and more.

This is when I get out, mostly. AND I get out into the yard also, occasionally. It needs some major trimming. AND next year, it needs a garden.

I posted recently on my Girl Scout UNofficial blog, and went to an online GS event yesterday! I loved hearing from other leaders, volunteers, and staff members. The National Council session is in October, so I hope to hear more from the Delegates and Alternates going to that.

And now for some photos.

Dog Tracks? 
Not sure.

Another dog track? Or a big raccoon?

Or a bear? Not likely though.

Two trees with faces...

The front one is smiling, and the one to the right is not sure he wanted his photo taken...

Rickey, my walking companion. 
Go, Rickey!

I will try VERY hard to get more postings here. I think it's good for me to post here.

I may be "migrating" my blogs, maybe even this year. Stay tuned for that. I will put a link OR just have this blog to automatically there later, to my new location(s). I also will be re-doing my websites, copying some paper dolls, making cool stationery, and more. I will try to share as much as possible here and at my other sites.


Onward and Upward!

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